My vision is for Desert Hot Springs to be known as a health care oasis as we were during our city's early history.  I wish for us to be the Sedona of the Coachella Valley, offering our world-class high mineral spas, clean and awarding winning water, production of medical cannabis and active healthy lifestyles.

I have decided to run for City Council once again because I believe in the direction the current city council is taking us and I want to make sure that it continues.  The constituency appears to be quite enthused about the productivity and professionalism of this City Council.   I am honored to have been appointed to fill the empty seat this year, and I hope I can remain a member of this team.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business Development, a Master's Degree in Financial Management, and am working on a PhD in Public Health with a concentration in Health Care. I believe education in these fields has given me the skills to serve as a councilmember effectively in shaping our city's direction.

I feel my accomplishments from my time serving as a councilwoman speaks for itself.  I persuaded the Council to adopt the cannabis ordinances and to ensure that 25% of all taxes accumulated from the industry to be earmarked for reserves.  I convinced the council to use any tax increases to only be used for public safety and ensure auditor reports confirm this each year.  I have worked with the council to institute the contract analytical document, and to put at the end of each record the financial effect on the budget for each decision made by the council.

My priorities for moving our city forward to make sure we have financial stability, continuing to see the improvements to our infrastructure, the continuing to rebrand and enhance the image of Desert Hot Springs, and work to start bringing more viable jobs to the citizens of this city, all while continuing to make sure our residents are safe.