About Jan Pye

Jan Pye for Desert Hot Springs City Council

In Desert Hot Springs, I met a village. As a single parent, the people of this city helped me raise my daughter. Other parents invited my daughter to participate in their daughter’s Quinceañera and took her on a vacation that I could not afford.

Besides helping me with my daughter, DHS allows me to feel the words of Martin Luther King - - where my child and I were able to walk as equals to others.

Thus, I give back to Desert Hot Springs.

I work with the DHS Historical Society, and I am a founding member of the Cabot’s Museum Foundation, Friends of the Library, and DHS Diversity, LiLac.

I continually serve on the Palm Springs Cemetery District, Regional Access Project Foundation, DHS Women’s Club, and independently on the DHS Homeless Committee and served on the Planning Commission, the DHS Citizens Finance Committee, and others.

I want to continue as your public servant as a City Council member for District 3 - and for the entire city. I will continue to do my homework, stay focused on the facts, and weigh the fairness to all. I modestly ask for your vote this November.

Who Is Jan Pye and What Has She Accomplished?

• First appointed to the City Council in 1999
• Courageously made the tough decisions to help the City avoid bankruptcy and get back on sound and stable financial ground.
• Developed the City’s plan for welcoming the cannabis industry to Desert Hot Springs.
• Has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Development and a Master’s degree in Financial Management; she knows how to manage tax dollars.
• Persuaded the City Council to ensure that 25% of all cannabis tax revenues be earmarked for City reserves.
• Convinced the Council that any tax increases be used for public safety.
• Is endorsed by your Desert Hot Springs Police Officers Association

Jan’s Priorities

Jan’s priorities for moving our city forward include making sure that we have financial stability, continuing to see improvements to our infrastructure, continuing to rebrand and enhance the image of Desert Hot Springs, and working to start bringing more viable jobs to the citizens of this city, all while continuing to make sure our residents are safe.


On Governance

• Jan believes in carefully studying each issue that comes before the city council and taking information from all sides into account.
• Jan believes in putting personal agendas aside and making decisions that will benefit the most residents as a whole.
• Jan believes in using a common sense approach to convince my fellow council members on making the best decisions.
• Jan believes in being a proud ambassador of our community and getting to know her fellow residents by actively attending events within the community.


Jan Gives Back To Her Community as a Member of:

• Desert Hot Springs Women's Club
• Desert Hot Springs Elks Lodge #2639
• Desert Hot Springs Senior Center Advisory Committee
• Desert Hot Springs Historical Society
• The Regional Access Project Foundation Board